Cardinals Second and Third Round Draft Recap


The Arizona Cardinals continued to draft in areas of need on Friday in the second and third rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft.

In the second round on Friday, the Cards took OLB Daryl Washington from TCU.  It wasn’t the TCU OLB I had expected them to take in Jerry Hughes, but apparently this was the guy the Cards wanted all along.  They worked hard to trade up to the number 47 slot to get him.  Washington, considered an explosive pass rusher, really came on the scene in 2009, leading TCU with 109 tackles.

In the third round, the Cardinals made their first offensive pick with WR Andre Roberts from The Citadel.  Roberts started making some noise in the combine and had scouts keeping an eye on him.  Roberts is a big yardage receiver.  Almost 44 percent of his catches in 2009 were for 10 or more yards, while 20 percent were over 20 yards.  He is also a prolific punt returner.

I have to say I am impressed with the Cardinals in the draft so far.  They have stuck to their guns, haven’t give up the farm, mostly because the farm already left town, but they haven’t run after the best player, rather went after the best players in their need positions.  Overall, it may not end up being the best group of draftees, however it may end up going down as one of the smartest drafts the Cards have had since moving to Arizona in 1988.  Let’s just hope they don’t muck it up tomorrow morning when rounds four through seven get under way.

Scott Allen