Lutui Only Player to Miss Cardinals Minicamp


He might not be under contract, however I find it very intriguing that right guard Deuce Lutui was the only player missing from the Arizona Cardinals minicamp.  According to Kent Somers from the Arizona Republic, coach Ken Whisenhunt would not address his absence.  I will.

He doesn’t have a contract.  He is not required technically to be there, but it has to sting that he doesn’t have a contract and the Cards just signed free-agent Alan Faneca to a big fat contract.  I have to wonder about Lutui’s decision to skip out though.  contract or no contract, you’ve got to stay in shape.  I can’t imagine why in the world he would not want to be there anyways.  This team’s goal, last time I checked, was still to win the Super Bowl.  I know Faneca’s goal is the Super Bowl.  He said himself yesterday.

Show you are a team player Deuce!  Officially we don’t know the reason why he wasn’t there, but Whisenhunt wouldn’t address it, so it has to be a contract issue.  I love the fact he made improvements last season and appeared to be on his way to great things in Arizona.

Let’s hope we hear from him soon.  We do this together.  Isn’t that the official motto?

Scott Allen