Four Months and Counting


The 2010 NFL Season officially kicks off four months from today.  If you are counting at home, we’ve almost reached the half-way point of the off-season for your Arizona Cardinals.  Their last game was on January 14th.  The Cardinals have made many moves, most have been decent to replace what has been lost.  The jury will remain out on the quarterback position and the draft picks until we get to training camp and even then probably not until we get to the regular season.

We are in a pretty quiet time of the off-season, but don’t let your guard down, noise can still be made with camps and off-field news.  June will be really dead, so soak it in now before we gear up for training camp in a little over two months from now.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was pleased with what he saw in the recent mini-camp.  That’s good news, but all will remain to be seen once the players hit the field.  A lot of work to do, especially given the current roster status of the other NFC West teams, which all have shown improvement since the end of the season.

Scott Allen