Lutui Still a No-Show


Deuce Lutui.  Paging Deuce Lutui.  Oh where are you?

I can tell you where he’s not.  He’s not at Arizona Cardinals OTA’s.  I wonder why?  I’ll tell you why, he’s not gettin’ his.  Obviously he is more worried about himself than the team.  I know these workouts are voluntary, however, if you are a team on the rise and now need every player more than ever with the amount of turnover that has taken place in the off-season, I find it a little bit selfish on his part.  I get you want to get paid and what’s fair for you and your family.  I understand this is a business.  I also understand though that the best team players are more on the lookout for their teammates than themselves.

I don’t know the real reason why he’s missing, but it doesn’t look good based on his current contract situation.  He also isn’t talking, so that only adds fuel to the speculation.  Sign your contract and get to work man!  You went to USC, you have to have half a brain, right?  Then again, I could be giving USC too much credit and I’m a person that can’t stand doing that for those that know me.

Scott Allen