Rumors Continue to Swirl Around Bulger


Depending on who you believe, Marc Bulger may soon be a member of the Arizona Cardinals.  That unless of course you believe Cards general manager Rod Graves, who said current Cards quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson are doing just fine.  Of course that contradicts reports that coach Ken Whisenhunt has not been happy with the off-season performance of either QB yet.

Graves shot it down today, but seemed to have left open the possibility of a Marc Bulger led Cardinals team.  I’m not personally in favor of the move.  If he was no good for the St. Louis Rams, how on earth would he do well here?  Then again, once Kurt Warner‘s career seemed to be winding down his last season in St. Louis and subsequent season with the New York Giants and we all know how that turned out.

Honestly anyone could be quarterback for the Cards next season, save for Peyton Manning, it still won’t be near a Kurt Warner, so although it will continue to be a hot topic leading up to and including training camp, there are other issues to deal with.  I would be surprised to see Bulger come here.  Wait till tomorrow though, I might change my mind.

Scott Allen