Say What? New York to Host 2014 Super Bowl


Ok, I get this world seemingly tends to revolve around New York. I’m tired of fighting it. Don’t like the New York Giants, Jets I can take or leave. The Yankees are one my most hated teams in all of sports. The Mets are a joke (much like this years Arizona Diamondbacks). The Islanders haven’t been relevant since the 80’s. The Rangers, are, well, the Rangers. The Knicks don’t have a clue and are an embarrassment. Did I touch em’ all? Who cares, right?

When I heard that New York was in the running for the 2014 Super Bowl, I knew they’d get it. Everyone loves New York. My family is from New York, still have family on Long Island, friends in Ridgewood, New Jersey. It’s a pit of chaos. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, especially in February. Now that New York has secured the 2014 Super Bowl for their new stadium, I have to ask, why? I love they look at new venues. That is one of the reasons why you build a new stadium. You hope to lure big events to it. I get that. Why in God’s name though, would you want to play a Super Bowl in sub-freezing temperatures? I thought the Super Bowl was supposed to be a reward, not a punishment? For those that are going to shell out thousands for a nose bleed seat, I feel bad for you. Well, maybe not, you know what you are getting yourself into.

I’d rather be President Charles Logan in “24” with my brains blown out (by the way, wasn’t that awesome?) than attend a Super Bowl in New York in February, not that I’d be able to afford to go anyways. don’t you dare tell me the NFL played in other cold cities for Super Bowls either. I know. There is one glaring difference with places like Detroit and Minneapolis. They had freakin’ roofs! I’ll be more than happy to visit those places in February as long as I’m inside. Ok, stretching a little with Detroit. To say you’d want to purposely go to Detroit is like punching yourself in the face multiple times.

Simply put the NFL missed on this one. Sure, people will go cause a gazillion celebs and CEO’s will go, but will the fans of the teams that attend? Ok, if the Arizona Cardinals go, I might go, but it’ll be under protest. No, who’s kidding who, I’ll be sitting at my local bar in Phoenix where I’m sure the temperature will be a good 30-40 degrees warmer. Anyone want to join me??

Scott Allen