Warner Not Tempted to Un-Retire


Apparently former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has a lot of doubters in his life….those who doubt he is really retired and is going to un-retire and make a comeback.  Why do people really think that?  I think we have some fans in denial.  Major denial.  I want Warner to come back for another season as much as the next guy, but let’s be real people.  He’s done.  Forever.

Today during Kansas City Chiefs “practice”, also known as Organized Team Activities, Warner attended and tweeted not once did he have the itch to return to the field.  It was the first football practice he attended since retiring.  He spent the day visiting with his old coach Todd Haley.

We need to embrace the fact that Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson are our quarterbacks for 2010, like it or not.  We need to throw full support behind whoever becomes the starter this season.  No sense in lamenting Warner isn’t going to be behind center come September 12th against the St. Louis Rams.

I do reserve the right to change my mind and throw my full support though behind the next guy if either or both of them fail.  I’m just saying.

Scott Allen