Hightower Making Bid for Number One Running Back


Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt won’t commit to who the number one running back for the Cards is right now, and in June, why would you want to make such a commitment?  However so far in this off-season Hightower has proven he has the stuff to be the number one, ahead of Beanie Wells.  How Whiz is going to use the two during the season will most likely be decided during traning camp and the preseason games.

Does it really matter though?  I think both will see considerable action, especially given the fact that quarterback Matt Leinart probably won’t throw as many passes as retired quarterback Kurt Warner did, at least in the early going.  In my opinion, there really is no clear cut number one.  Hightower and Wells can both run.  Question will be who can hold onto the ball more?  Fumbles were a problem in 2009, for both of them.  Both turned the ball over at critical times.

Having two competent backs is refreshing.  One gets tired, the other one can come in and create an easy transition.  I truly feel they can do that.  So who the “starter” is for the most part is irrelevant to me as I’m sure it is to a point with the Cardinals and the both of them.  All I know is it should be fun watching both of them in the upcoming 2010 season, as I expect to see a lot of both of them.  get ready for a lot of running this season.

Scott Allen