Get Him to the Pink Taco


I can’t help but think of comparing this weekend’s new movie “Get Him to the Greek” to current Arizona Cardinals life.  Jonah Hill stars as a record company intern who has the dubious job of getting the character Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand, from Britain to a concert in California.

Whenever I think about the premise, all I can think of is it is a couple of days before the start of Arizona Cardinals season and a rookie is asked to go retrieve Matt Leinart from a bar or frat house in southern California and get him to Pink Taco Stadium.  I like to call it Pink Taco since that was an option early on before the ridiculous name of University of Phoenix Stadium came along.  A name like Pink Taco Stadium fits a guy like Matt Leinart.  I would change the name of the venue just in his honor.  It might motivate him to improve his game.  Ok, I’m streching a bit, but who’s with me?

Leinart has a lot to do to shred his frat boy public persona.  Even now over two years since the infamous photos surfaced with him drinking out of a bong, one can’t help but not shake those thoughts.  Until Leinart can show he can lead this team back to the playoffs, he may never shed those images.  Fair or unfair, his work ethic will go under much scrutiny until he can take the Cards back to places of the past two seasons.

That all being said, I hope he does pass the test and shows his maturity this season.  if not, I would love to direct him in his new movie, “Get Him to the Pink Taco.”