Looking at the Cardinals Off-Season Acquisitions


The Arizona Cardinals lost some players, lost some more, and then some more, but a funny thing happened on the way to the poor house.  They found some new players to replace the old ones.  Now, we aren’t replacing Michael Jordan with Kobe Bryant, however with the off-season acquisitions the Cardinals are poised once again to make a run in the NFC West, even given the roster turnover.

We lost Kurt Warner.  We gained Derek Anderson.  Ok, not even close to a fair trade off, but we could have done a lot worse.

We lost Karlos Dansby. We gained Kerry Rhodes.  Great move and great timing.  Rolle’s presence hadn’t even sniffed being missed yet when the Cards brought in Rhodes.

We lost Karlos Dansby.  We gained Joey Porter.  Ok, Porter from a few years ago would have been a closer trade off, but it still could have been a lot worse.

We lost Neil Rackers.  We gained Jay Feely.  About a wash there, so I’ll take it.

So, as you see, sure changes were made.  We don’t know how any of them will pan out obviously, however you can’t help but wonder, the Cardinals didn’t do too bad for themselves.  Let’s not even forget those others I mentioned such as Alan Faneca, Justin Miller, or Rex Hadnot.

What do you think?