Coach Whiz Bowls Cardinals Over


As Arizona Cardinals players that have been here for awhile, they know Coach Ken Whisenhunt pretty well.  One of the things Coach Whiz has always been high on is team morale, working together, on and off the field.  Each year during the end of OTA’s, Coach Whiz has been known to sacrifice a practice for a team building event, something to get away from the football field.

This year:  Bowling.

As the temperature starts to warm, going inside on Friday for a team building event is just what the doctor ordered.  Instead of practicing on Friday, the team went bowling.  As Coach Whiz told Darren Urban of, he said the surprise isn’t really there anymore, but it still is something he does because he knows the players enjoy it and brings the team together.

Coach Whiz also does this sort of thing during training camp.  Usually he cancels a day of practice in Flagstaff to take the team to the movies.  You have to love a guy who manages a group of players they way he does.  It truly lends itself to the results you see on the field.  Sure it doesn’t always lead to more wins, you can never guarantee that.  One thing for sure though is the team that works together and plays together has a better recipe for success.  You can’t ask for much more than that from your head coach.