Madden 11′ Ratings Not Kind to Cardinals


Ratings for the new Madden 11′ game are out and if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan, their rating is not surprising, but if you believe the folks at Madden 11′, Arizona will be in a dog fight for the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers.  The Cards have a rating of 79, which is down from 87 last year.  Only seven NFC Teams have worse ratings than the Cards.

Most likely the drop is due to Matt Leinart taking over the reigns for the retired Kurt Warner.  I am a little surprised though by the amount they dropped.  Most of the other pieces of the offense are still there, minus Anquan Boldin.  That’s fine though because I’m looking forward to the Cardinals proving everyone wrong.  The guys at Madden 11′ aren’t the only ones questioning the projected success of this year’s Cardinals squad.

Here are the ratings:

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 87

NY Giants 81

Philadelphia Eagles 80

Washington Redskins 76

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings 88

Green Bay Packers 87

Chicago Bears 77

Detroit Lions 68

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 92

Atlanta Falcons 83

Carolina Panthers 75

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 69

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 79

San Francisco 49ers 79

Seattle Seahawks 75

St. Louis Rams 66

AFC East

NY Jets 89

New England Patriots 86

Miami Dolphins 78

Buffalo Bills 67

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 90

Cincinnati Bengals 86

Pittsburgh Steelers 84

Cleveland Browns 70

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 91

Houston Texans 78

Tennessee Titans 77

Jacksonville Jaguars 74

AFC West

San Diego Chargers 85

Denver Broncos 78

Kansas City Chiefs 71

Oakland Raiders 71

How in the world do the Denver Broncos only rate one point below the Cardinals?  That team had trouble scoring it’s way out of a paper bag last season.  Chicago Bears is also another suspect rating at 77.  I realize this is only a game, but with these ratings how much work really went into the research?  I’m going to just chalk it up to uncertainty and sit back and watch the Cards prove they have a better team than projected.  Whether that is with Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson, well, that’s another story.