Matt Leinart On the Red Carpet…..Again


I’m still seeing more of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart on the red carpet than anywhere else these days.  Now, I will give him credit, the video of him on the red carpet below is for his own charity event, however, I really would love to see more of Leinart on the green carpet rather than the red.  To also be fair, it is the players down time before training camp starts next week, however, he should just be taking time to prepare for the upcoming season at this point, in my opinion.  If Leinart thinks he has this in the bag, he’s got another thing coming.  He has three hungry quarterbacks right behind him.

In the interview, he mentions his sports inspiration in football was Joe Montana.  I don’t know about you Matt, but I didn’t see a lot of Joe Montana on the red carpet in his playing days.  He was leading his San Francisco 49ers to multiple Super Bowl wins.  Let’s just focus on getting this team back to the playoffs at this point.