New Look Cardinals One Week From Camp


The way Nate Davis from the USA Today puts it, the Arizona Cardinals are in trouble this season, heading into the start of training camp next Friday.  Saying because the Cardinals didn’t “adequately fill the vacancies (from the players that departed)”, this is a defining season for Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt.  He also says this is Matt Leinart’s time to prove his first-round worthiness.  That much I will agree with him on. 

He goes on to say the Cards are dangerously old at some positions and dangerously young at others.  He fails to identify which ones he considers for both.  Hey, as far as I am concerned, if they are between the ages of 20 and 40, they all will be old and young at some time.  Just lace them up and get out there and see what you can do.

We all know there are going to be a lot of expectations still, given the performance of those that are still on the roster from the last two or three seasons, however we all also know there are a lot of questions.  That’s ok, that’s what training camp will hopefully do, answer some of those questions.

Don’t count these Cards out before anything starts.  You can reserve that judgement until Leinart starts a regular season game and gets picked off four times in a blowout loss.  The philospophy hasn’t changed,  just the players.  Given the schedule, the Cards should be just fine.  At least, I hope so.