Williams Signs Contract; Other Cards Camp News


Arizona Cardinals first round pick Dan Williams has signed his contract and is expected in camp this evening.  This is great news!  He is the last of the draft picks to sign.  This is a great testament to current Cards management to ensure they are doing everything possible to win.  By getting Williams in camp tonight, he will have only missed three practices, which is already too much for a rookie.  Either way, this is great news.

Other news today:

Cards practiced inside this morning due to rain.

Quarterback Matt Leinart is already hearing it from fans.  Chants from fans this morning “We want Derek” (as in Derek Anderson) could be heard during practice.  I think it’s a little early guys to start getting on Leinart’s case.  Until he fails on the field consistently during games, he is the man, like it or not.  Give the guy a chance!  Hey, we aren’t getting Kurt Warner back.  Get over it!  I understand fans frustration with Leinart in the past, but he needs to be given a fair shot, so knock it off.

Speaking of Warner, there has been some news leaked that he will be cast in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.  Interesting!  Official announcement doesn’t come until August 30th.

More later as it warrants.