Apparently the Devil Doesn’t Wear Prada


The devil apparently wears Donovan McNabb’s Washington Redskins jerseys to Philadelphia Eagles training camp.  Did you hear about this one today?  Oh yeah, the Eagles are a little bit touchy on the subject of the longtime former quarterback of the Eagles.

During training camp practice today, Eagles team security asked a fan who was wearing one of these apparently obnoxious things, to take it off.  The fan was told that Eagles head coach Andy Reid noticed it and asked that someone ask the fan to take it off.  Reid, for his part, denies ever noticing the fan.  Team management apparently didn’t want to create a distraction.  They apparently don’t have a policy against wearing other teams fashions, however it is discouraged.  They also have a policy against cell phones and beverages at practice.

Ok, first of all, kudos to the man for taking it off immediately.  However I think he took it off because he thought Reid told him to do so.  Whatever the reason, he happily took it off.  I don’t think I would have gone ever so quietly.  Unless there is a posted sign, I have the right to wear whatever the heck I want.  Seriously.  I believe it’s called freedom of speech.  Look it up A-holes!

What if that were policy at Cards camp?

First of all, it isn’t policy at Cards camp.  You can wear what you want, have your phones, although proper decorum would have you put it on vibrate so as not to interrupt the team.  There are enough people around and noises around, I can’t see where it would be a huge distraction in certain situations.  Secondly, you can have whatever you want to drink at practice.  Heck, they even have vendors AT practice selling food and drink.  I’ll take Cards camp over Eagles camp anyday.

Everyone has their policies, but for games, stadium policies are practically uniform, so why can’t it be that way at training camp as well?  I don’t get it.  I would think you would want top do everything to make your fans happy, not piss them off.

I can’t speak knowledgeably about all the policies and procedures of Cards camp, but I’ve been there and know what I can and can’t do for the most.  I do know if I come in wearing an Antrel Rolle New York Giants jersey, I’m not going to be asked to take it off.