Rating the Quarterbacks


After last night, I am sure there are thousands of Arizona Cardinals fans who would like nothing more than to see Matt Leinart go sit on the bench or just no longer exist on this team at all.  The boos started early last night.

I wish some of those boos had been saved for Derek Anderson.  He actually performed the worst, in my opinion, of the three quarterbacks that played last night.  Anderson threw two picks.  He did have one touchdown drive, but a lot of that was Beanie Wells.

Leinart didn’t play particularly well, but he didn’t give the game away either.  At halftime coach Ken Whisenhunt agreed the offense looked sloppy.  I imagine they will have a hard week of practice ahead.  However, Leinart is going to be your guy barring injury.  He will be your guy until at least the first couple of games into the regular season.

The guy you need to look at right now has to be John Skelton.  He made a great case for making this team last night.  He’s not coming in and taking over the starting spot.  The preseason is going to be a great learning tool for him to take to the third string this season and watch.  He may even make backup if Anderson’s woes continue.

Max Hall I imagine will get a shot next week.  I know some people have been impressed with him in camp.  I am excited to see what he brings.  If Skelton and Hall both look good throughout the preseason, the first week of September should be interesting when final cuts are made.