Cardinals Hold On for Victory


The Arizona Cardinals looked a lot better this evening as they defeated the Chicago Bears 14-9 at Soldier Field in Chicago.  You can thank Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

His decision to start Derek Anderson over Matt Leinart may have shown him what he needed to see to make a decision on a regular season starter.  Now, to be fair, after Anderson led the Cards on a 10-play 72 yard drive, Matt Leinart came on and looked halfway decent as well, driving the Cards for a third quarter score.  Personally, I think they both need to see some more time on the field on Thursday against the Washington Redskins.

I know the fourth preseason game is usually reserved for non-first teamers, but I think if the Cards want to make an informed decision, they need to allow Leinart and Anderson to both get a drive or two on Thursday night.  I’m just not sure enough was seen to give the job to Anderson or allow Leinart to lose it.  Initially after watching Anderson, I thought maybe he might end up being the guy.  After Leinart came in and had his most impressive drive of the preseason so far, it could be an interesting week in Tempe.

Also showing up was the Arizona defense.  Their bend but don’t break defense bent at times and was great at others.  They came up with two interceptions of Bears starter Jay Cutler.  Also the special teams came up with a blocked field goal.  Nice to see.

Maybe coach Whisenhunt has made more decisions privately than we know about.  We do know this – the Cards will have to cut down to 75 after this game and then down to the 53 after Thursday’s game.  There are some guys on the offensive line that should start to worry.  They had another sub-par night.  Whoever is picked as the starting quarterback may end up running for his life for the next four months if that continues.