Offensive Line Leaves Quarterbacks Scrambling


The offensive line performance continues to disappoint.  On Saturday evening against the Chicago Bears, the offensive line again was creating ways to have Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks Derek Anderson, Matt Leinart, and John Skelton running and ducking every which way.

Maybe Alan Faneca is washed up?  Maybe Reggie Wells is no good?  Maybe Levi Brown only gets up for regular season games?  Maybe, just maybe the line just isn’t very good? I thought it might have been the line not respecting Leinart.  Well, Anderson and Skelton were under just as much, if not more, pressure this evening.

I still have confidence they can get the job done when the regular season comes around.  I have to right now.  There is no other choice.  I lose confidence in the offensive line or more importantly the coaches do, and it will be a long season.  I hope Faneca isn’t washed up.  Hopefully we can just chalk it up to it being a preseason thing.

Whatever the reason, they have definitely given fans a reason to worry or at least be very skeptical.  Experts are already skeptical of other areas of this team.  The O-line shouldn’t give them one more position to pick apart.  Unfortunately, so far, they have done just that.