The Reviews Are In


How do others think the battle for Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson went last night?

Mike Sando from said the Cardinals choices seem to be more favorable after last night’s performances

Chad Middleton from Bleacher Report though both played well.  He thought that Anderson showed some confidence but still lacks in accuracy says the race is too close to call

Darren Urban of said he wasn’t sure what coach Ken Whisenhunt was aiming for in starting Anderson, but it worked says neither quarterback looked bad

Consensus around the internet seems to be it was a good battle last night, one that still leaves it open for both.  Coach Whisenhunt said he would have to review the tapes but liked what he saw during the game.

It seems most people were expecting Leinart to fail, but now are all asking the same questions I am this morning.  The most important questions being – who will be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in week one?