Leinart Rumors Continue to Swirl


Another day, more Matt Leinart rumors.

The Arizona Cardinals current starting quarterback has been rumored to be included in trade talks with the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and New York Giants.  The Bills and Raiders for their part, have denied attempting to trade for the soon to be ousted quarterback.  The Giants have remained quiet, not even denying rumors.

The Giants seem to make most sense to me anyway.  Their backup Jim Sorgi, is out for the season.  However, I’m not sure Leinart is willing to accept a backup role, not just in Arizona, but anywhere.  One thing is for sure, Leinart won’t be making what he would be making in Arizona.

The Bills were the first to deny the rumors, only saying they had discussions in the off-season.

The Raiders say they are happy.  Really?  Is Matt Leinart really going to drag you down at this point?

I’ve been saying all off-season Leinart would most likely be in a competition and wouldn’t last through training camp and the preseason as the starter.  The day Derek Anderson was signed, I knew that to be the case, no matter what Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt said publicly.  However that being said, I thought if Leinart was going to be the starter and named the starter going into the preseason, then he needed to be given every chance to fail in the regular season.  Clearly, it appears that will not be the case.  Leinart may have dug his last hole with his comments on Monday.

My only hope is something gets done soon.  As much as we rag on Leinart for his on and off the field performances, he deserves to be given a shot somwhere.  Yeah, he is probably a career backup.  I want to see some regular season starts before I make my final decision though.  Show me the money when it counts!