USA TODAY “Experts” Have No Faith in Cards


When I picked up the USA TODAY earlier today, I was excited to see the 2010 NFL Preview.  In the special section was a capsule of every team.  Every Team’s schedule was in there too.  Of course the so-called “experts” divisional winners, along with the wild card picks and the Super Bowl Champion predictions were in there too.

I know national sentiment is to pick against the Arizona Cardinals this year.  The “hip” pick in the NFC West is the San Francisco 49ers.  I get that.  I really do.  They’ve been right there knocking on the doorstep the past two seasons.  The Cards have take one step down in several positions.  So I understand the reasoning… a point.  Not a single “expert” took Arizona to win the west.  In fact, not only did Arizona not get a single vote to win the west, the Seattle Seahawks did.  WHAT???

You can thank “expert” Scott Zucker for the Seahawks pick.  Say what Scott??  I just got done praising you for your comeback player of the year and you go Seahawks on me?  Apparently I missed that last night online when I saw you gave Derek Anderson your Comeback Player of the Year Award.  Seahawks??? I suppose you have The Citadel beating Arizona or Idaho beating Nebraska tomorrow as well.  Have you gone mental? I’m surprised Sam Bradford wasn’t your MVP pick.

I realize it’s all guesses out there, but Seattle?  San Francisco I totally get.  I apparently missed the part of the Seahawks roster where they had an NFL team capable of winning more than six or seven games.  I must have missed the part of the schedule that had Seattle playing Tampa and Cleveland all season.

The Sexy pick is San Francisco.  I know the NFL is a quarterback driven league.  I get that.  I know Kurt Warner is gone.  I get that.  First of all, the Cards are NOT losing to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday and the Arizona Cardinals will win the NFC West, regardless of how much any of you “experts” don’t want them to.