ESPN NFL Countdown Drinking St. Louis Kool-Aid


Here I went off on USA TODAY yesterday on their picks for the season divisional winners.  Now, I’m going to rip ESPN NFL Countdown for their “experts” picking the St. Louis Rams to defeat the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow in St. Louis.


People need to stop drinking the Sam Bradford and St. Louis Rams Kool-Aid.  The Arizona Cardinals ARE A BETTER TEAM THAN THE ST. LOUIS RAMS.  Go ahead and pick against the Cards to win the division.  I realize that is the “sexy” pick this year.  However, how in the world can any of you truly believe the St. Louis Rams are a better team than the Arizona Cardinals?  Now, in a single game situation, I realize anything can happen.  I do honestly realize that.  However how can 75% of “experts” think St. Louis is better.

They do realize this is Sam Bradford’s first NFL regular season game EVER, right?  Just exasperating.  Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, and Tom Jackson all picked St. Louis.  Only Cris Carter took Arizona and he is no fan of Arizona I can tell you that based on his preseason comments.  He, however, must know that, ARIZONA is BETTER than ST. LOUIS!

If they are picking against Arizona tomorrow, then there is no chance for them to pick Arizona at any point this season.  No chance.  St. Louis has the worst odds to win the Super Bowl.  They are picked to finish dead last in the division.  They haven’t done a damn thing since the Kurt Warner administration.  Yes, I think Bradford is going to be exciting to watch.  Might even have a couple of flashes of brilliance tomorrow.  Not enough to defeat Arizona, at least soundly.  There is always a chance for anyone to beat any other team on any given Sunday.  I just don’t get the sentiment against Arizona tomorrow.  I don’t.  Unless the Cardinals missed their plane to St. Louis, which I know they didn’t, then how can you pick against them, at least for tomorrow?

I’m looking forward to Cardinals domination.