Halftime: Cardinals-Rams Tied 10-10


Well, just about the type of 1st half I expected to see.

The Arizona Cardinals came out slow as did the St. Louis Rams.  Both teams traded field goals before trading late first half touchdowns.  The Cardinals scored on a great running drive.  Both LaRod Stephens-Howling and Tim Hightower looked good.  Hightower redeemed himself after an early fumble.

I’m a  little concerned about the timing between Derek Anderson and Larry Fitzgerald, but I say give it some time.  I think it will eventually happen for those two.

Adrian Wilson is the stud of the first half with a monster sack and an interception.  Need to see more running from the Cardinals in the second half.  Also need to see the offensive line give Anderson more time to step into the pocket and throw.  Part of the poor timing with receivers has to do with Anderson not getting enough protection.