Don’t Look for Beanie on Sunday


Well, we got the news that was the most likely answer we’d get after Arizona Cardinals practice today, that Beanie Wells was once again limited in practice.  He is going to be a game -day decision.

Besides the fact that it puts fantasy owners in a bind, like yours truly, it puts the team again in a bind to game plan without him.  That means most likely more of an imbalance between rushing and passing on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.  The good news it that coach Ken Whisenhunt said that the chemistry between Derek Anderson and Larry Fitzgerald was getting better and he hoped to see that translate on the field in the Georgia Dome.

Since Wells, if he does play, will be a spot player at best, that means the bulk of the carries falls once again to Tim Hightower.  Hightower put the ball on the ground twice last week against the Rams.  He claims he won’t do that anymore, but I think we all know better than that.  I know he means well, but if he wasn’t able to fix the fumblitis in the off-season, what makes us think the issue have resolved itself since last Sunday?  I don’t.

I would love to see it improve though.  I’m all for Wells resting up and the Cards not taking any chances, but if they lose this weekend in Atlanta and it’s because of a Hightower fumble, I’m sure you’ll see Beanie back much sooner rather than later despite the thought of nursing him now to avoid further injury later.  It’s a nice thought, but a tough October looms.  Cards need to get as many wins before San Diego and New Orleans in October.  That means wins this week in Atlanta and next week at home against Oakland.