NFL Power Rankings: Week Four


Week three for the NFL saw true colors come out for some teams, both for winners and losers.  Here are my rankings for week four.

32. Cleveland Browns – When do the paper bags start coming out?

31. Buffalo BillsCJ Spiller is for real.  See ya Trent Edwards!

30. Carolina Panthers – How does this team not score more with the RB’s they have?

29. Detroit Lions – Close against Chicago and Philly.  Minnesota always tough for Lions.

28. Tampa Bay Bucs – 2-0 was just a mirage.  You just got whipped by 32 at home.

27. San Francisco 49ers – The NFL’s most dysfunctional team

26. Oakland Raiders – A kick away from 2-1.  Actually, make that three kicks.

25. Washington Redskins – Gave up big lead at home to Houston, then lose to St. Louis.  Not good at all.

24. Denver Broncos – Jury still out for me on the Broncos.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars – Two straight blowouts and the answer is to claim Trent Edwards off waivers?  WOW!

22. New York Giants – There might be a coup against Tom Coughlin before the season is over.

21. St. Louis Rams – St. Louis just mere points away from being 3-0.  Improving nicely.

20. Minnesota Vikings – A win is a win.  Favre still doesn’t look right though.

19. Arizona Cardinals – Still trying to figure this team out.  At least they are 2-1.

18. San Diego Chargers – Not very good special teams.  Offense is doing well though without Ryan Mathews and Vincent Jackson.

17.Seattle Seahawks – Surprisingly 2-1.  They may make the NFC West a race after all.

16. Miami Dolphins – Tough loss at home to Jets.  Brandon Marshall paying dividends though.

15. Tennessee Titans – Nice rebound from loss at home with a whipping of the Giants.

14. Kansas City Chiefs – Just can’t rank them higher yet.  3-0 is 3 more wins than I thought they would have right now.

13. Dallas Cowboys – Looked much like the Cowboys everyone was expecting to see last Sunday in Houston.

12. Baltimore RavensAnquan Boldin has arrived.

11. Philadelphia EaglesMichael Vick might be the story of the year by the time it’s all said and done.

10. Cincinnati Bengals – They are 2-1.  Not sure what they have yet.

9. New England Patriots – Offense scoring as much as always.  Defense has regressed a bit.

8. New York Jets – After a disaster of a game in week one, Jets have rebounded nicely last two weeks.

7. Green Bay Packers – Too many penalties and turnovers against the Bears.

6. Chicago Bears – Not ready to call them for real yet, but nice win at home over Green Bay!

5. Houston Texans – Disappointing show against the Cowboys.

4. Atlanta Falcons – I didn’t believe much in them after week one.  Week two much better.  Now, a great win in New Orleans.

3. New Orleans SaintsGarrett Hartley on the hot seat.  Offense still not running on all cylinders.

2. Indianapolis ColtsPeyton Manning is being Peyton Manning.  Status quo in Indy.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers – Three starting quarterbacks.  Three outstanding wins.