Q & A With Seahawks Blogger


This week I had the chance to swap questions  and answers with Seahawks blogger Brian from hawkblogger.blogspot.com.  Below are the questions I asked and his answers to those questions.  A link to his questions and my answers are at the bottom.

1. What has Pete Carroll done for this Seahawks that Jim Mora Jr. couldn’t?

I would need to write a book to answer that question completely. Carroll is in a different league from Mora, and I’d be the first to admit I had no idea that was true before this season. Throw out Carroll as the head of football operations for a second and all the acquisitions he has helped to make. Mora did not have that role, so the comparison is unfair. Carroll has taken a defense made up of almost the exact same players as Mora had, and turned it into the best defense Seattle has seen in over a decade. He changed the scheme, inserted players that were sitting on the bench last year like Lawyer Milloy and Red Bryant, and is getting the most out of the talent he has. He has also instilled a competitive mentality where nobody’s job is safe. That’s led to players who didn’t even play in the league last year (Mike Williams) taking starting roles away from established Pro Bowlers (TJ Houshmandzadeh). I’ve never seen anything like it.

2. Who has been the biggest surprise for the Hawks so far?

Besides Pete Carroll, I’d have to say Roy Lewis.  Lewis wasn’t even expected to make the team, but is possibly the second-best corner on the roster now, and the special teams captain. He is a rugged blitzer, hard hitter and capable slot corner.

3. Who has been the biggest bust for the Hawks in your opinion?

Aaron Curry continues to play below expectations. He’s been a contributing member of the team thus far, but is nowhere near the impact player you’d expect from a #4 overall pick. Some recent scheme changes have reduced his role. He only was on the field for 33% of the defensive plays last week.

4. Who is the most fun of the Seahawks players to follow on Twitter and why?

I’m an @hasslebeck fan (Matt Hasselbeck) but that’s partially because I really like the guy. Mike Williams (@BMW_USC1) is pretty entertaining. The best might be Golden Tate (@showtime_tate) because he clearly has no idea what he’s not supposed to say.

5. Why didn’t Julius Jones work out in Seattle and do you think trading Deion Branch back to New England was a good move?

Jones was the player I always knew he’d be. His stats told the story before we signed him. I have many blog posts written before and soon after we signed him arguing against adding him. He just was a limited player, and did nothing great. Getting a fourth-round pick for Deion Branch was astonishing. He is worth more to New England than any other team. I don’t think the Seahawks would give up a 7th round pick to get him back. Like Jones, he just wasn’t a difference maker here.

6. What is your prediction for the Seahawks final record this season? Do you see them keeping pace at the top of the division, even if they win this week against Arizona?

I just updated my predictions the other day. I’ve got them winning 10 games, and I don’t think the division race will be that close. This is not the team, or the season I expected for the Seahawks, but I think you will see how amazing this transformation has been.

My answers can be found by clicking here