Max Hall Throws Three TD’s in First Half, Two of Them to Tampa


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall threw three touchdowns in the first half.  Unfortunately, two of them were thrown to the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Those picks, sent Hall to the sideline and brought back Derek Anderson, which has led to a Tampa

Anderson’s presence was immediately felt.  He threw a long down field pass to Steve Breaston to set up the potential game-tying score in the second quarter.  The Cards eventually failed to score on 4th down.  Hall did throw a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald to start the scoring.

The question is, does Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt stick with Anderson at least for the rest of this game?  I say he has to.  Hall, although looking improved in areas today, simply can’t be giving the ball away for pick six’s every time you touch the ball.

The Cards offense moved the ball well and really controlled the time of possession.  Again though turnovers played a key role in the Cards demise in the first half.  The Cards are going to need to hold onto the ball in the second half if they want any chance to win this again.

The Cards defense had a chance to get the ball back with under two minutes to go, but Tampa kept the ball moving, going 94 yards down the field and just ran out of time to score a touchdown, instead having to settle for a field goal, going into the locker room with a 24-14 lead.  As Bucs coach Raheem Morris said earlier this week, stats are for losers.  Cards may win every stat on the sheet but the only one that matters is the final score.  You only win if you have more points than the other team after 60 minutes.  After 30 minutes, Tampa has that distinction.