Cardinals Fans Need to Act With Some Class


I did not attend today’s game, however I watched the whole thing from start to finish.  I’m as disappointed as the next fan that the Arizona Cardinals came out flat today and played as if nothing was on the line against the Seattle Seahawks today in the 36-18 loss at University of Phoenix Stadium.

With today’s loss, the Cards chances of winning the NFC West dwindled quite a bit, although the Cards still have two games against the San Francisco 49’ers and one at home against the St. Louis Rams.

So, the frustration after today’s loss was understandably high.  I was frustrated with the way the defense played, with the play calling, and with the overall effort put forth today by the two-time defending NFC West champs.  However, that gives no excuse for Cards fans to start acting like a bunch of idiots.  I heard from several people some Cards fans were a little less than hospitable to the visiting Seahawks fans at the game.  For example, a female Seahawks fan was hit by a male Cards fan.  That’s just wrong.

First of all, hitting fan in the stands is unacceptable unless it is in self-defense.  Speaking of, I heard that woman fought back!  Good for her!  There is no need to name calling, throwing things at other people or on the field, or being violent towards others.  Even if you didn’t start the fight, be the better person and walk away.

We spend all this time complaining about other teams fans when they visit.  We complain about Raiders fans, Cowboys fans, whoever it is.  For those of you that like to partake in such activity, you should look at yourselves in the mirror first.  Obviously in these cases we are talking about a minority few when it comes to all this nonsense.  Most Cards fans are great and would have you the shirt off their backs.  However, as unfortunate as it is, if you even have one misfit, that mis-behavior will overshadow the many well behaved.

Every team, every city has their share of bad apples, and we are no different here in Arizona.  Cutting beer sales is not the answer.  Not going to the games is not the answer either, although if you have trouble controlling yourself, maybe you should just stay away.  It comes down to personal responsibility and common sense.  I realize in many life situations these days, common sense no longer exists within some people. Let’s also not forget there are a lot of families at these games.  It’s not an adults-only event.  I think people tend to forget that sometimes.

Those of you that have to create trouble, you know who you are, do us all a favor and stay away.  Congratulate the opponent.  Seattle played hard today and deserved the win.  Have some class.  It is possible to have dignity in losing.  I think the Cards have some of the best fans in the NFL, but with acts like what took place today, that reputation will quickly go out the window unless we take personal responsibility and also report the acts of those few bad apples.  Sometimes doing nothing is like performing the act yourself.

Cards fans, yes today was tough and we probably have a few more tough Sunday’s ahead between now and January 2nd, but let’s get over it.  We lost and let’s move on.  We can analyze and discuss the games past, but we must look ahead to the games in the future as well.  We will live to cheer the Cardinals on another day!