Cardinals Flop Game, Possibly Season, in 36-18 Loss


Who had fun watching that game today?  If you are an Arizona Cardinals fan, the answer is probably “I didn’t”.  If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, you probably had a blast as your team just ran all over the Cards 36-18 and the score doesn’t indicate how much of a whipping this was.

If the Hawks had half an offense, they would have scored 50-60 today.  The Cardinals defense was that bad.  Give the Hawks credit though.  They swept the Cards this season and pretty much shut the door on any chance for the Cardinals to win the NFC West in 2010.  Hey, that will happen when there is no defense and poor play calling.  Oh and when you have a quarterback who makes poo in-game decisions.

I could sit here all night and I would still need more time to explain just how deep the Arizona Cardinals issues go in why they can not win NFL football games.  Here are some highlights though:

  • Derek Anderson makes poor decisions.  He had a third and goal at the five and decided to run a draw.  I don’t know if that was due to a poor play call by him or by the coaches.  Either way, bad deicison.  He also took his team out of field goal position by taking a sack and not throwing the ball away.
  • The Cardinals secondary is about as laughable as the Three Stooges, except the Cards stooges are called Dominique, Greg, and Adrian, not Larry, Curly, and Moe.  It was so bad, Toler was eventually pulled from the game.  The Seattle receivers torched the secondary all afternoon.  Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had his best afternoon in years.
  • Bad coaching decisions.  The on-sides kick in the fourth quarter was a premature one.  They should have waited until they needed to do that.  Then again, I don’t get paid the big bucks to make those decisions, but I certainly can criticize them as a passionate fan.

What I do know is today’s loss certainly doesn’t shut the door completely on the divisional chances, but now they can’t tie the Hawks  for the division otherwise they will win because of head to head competition.  This is the second home game in a row the Cards on paper should have easily won.  Then again, didn’t we spend a lot of the Cards first 20 years in Arizona saying the same thing?  I honestly thought with this team, the proper attitude and adjustments could be made to adversity.  Now, I think we’ve found out just who these Arizona Cardinals are.  They are not a very good football team who now should start making plans for the future, not necessarily inserting the future into a game just yet.  As I said earlier today before the game, until they are mathematically out of it, you have to keep the faith, but clearly the Cards are going nowhere fast.  Just do me one favor though.  When you jump off the bandwagon, please stay off.