Five Questions With Arrowhead Addict


I had the chance to swap questions with the Kansas City Chiefs lead blogger, Patrick Allen, ahead of this weekend’s match up between the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs.  He provided answers on his thoughts about their head coach Tood Haley, their biggest surprise and busts and his thought on the Chiefs start to the season.

1. With the last two weeks in mind, was the start the Chiefs had to the season a fluke or can the Chiefs truly be a playoff contender?

"The Chiefs season is no fluke. Winning games in the NFL is so difficult that you don’t win five of them without doing something right. A lot of people are talking about Denver last season and how they collapsed after winning six in a row. I don’t think that was a fluke either.The NFL is all about adjustments and I think teams adjusted to what the Broncos were doing last season and I don’t think the Broncos had the talent to adjust again. That is what it will come down to for the Chiefs. Teams got half a season of tape on them and finally someone figured out how to stop them. If the Chiefs can adjust again, they can keep winning. If not, they will likely struggle the rest of the season.If not, that is ok. It is evident they are a vastly improved team in major need of depth. You can’t fix everything all at once but it appears the hard part is over for the Chiefs brass which is encouraging.I know the Chiefs have the coaching to change things up but I am not sure if they have the talent to do what is necessary. Good teams can beat you all kinds of different ways. Hopefully the Chiefs can make the necessary moves to keep their playoff hopes alive."

2. What is your take on Todd Haley refusing to shake the hand of Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels after Sunday’s game? I know he has apologized, but do you feel it was sincere or just a PR move to save face?

"I think what Haley did was childish. That being said, I understand. He is only human and we all make mistakes like that from time to time. As for his apology, I think it was mostly a PR move but that is ok. His job is to represent the team well and he didn’t do that last week.Quite frankly, I don’t want Todd Haley to like Josh McDaniels. I don’t even care if he respects him. It is probably better for the Broncos/Chiefs rivalry if they do hate each other but they can do that in private.Haley is a young coach and he is still learning the ropes as well. If not shaking hands is the worst thing he ever does we’ll be ok."

3. Who has been the biggest surprise for you this year for the Chiefs? The biggest bust?

"The biggest surprise has got to be rookie TE Toney Moeaki. When the Chiefs traded up to take him in the 3rd round people were freaking out because they thought KC had other needs but he has been one of our most consistent offensive players. He had some injury concerns heading into the season but has proved fairly durable so far. Unfortunately he suffered a concussion last week which is always a worry. He likely won’t play this weekend but if he does stay healthy he has all-pro skills.The biggest bust has to be Chris Chambers. He was fantastic for us last year but has been a total waste of space this season. Without Chambers and with (Dexter)McCluster injured, Dwayne Bowe is KC’s only legit receiver. This is a major area of concern heading into the offseason."

4. One of my favorite questions to ask, who is the best tweeter on Twitter amongst the Chiefs?

"Has to be Maurice Leggett, who I keep forgetting is on the team because he has spent the better part of the last two seasons on IR. Leggett tweets constantly and it is always ridiculous, personal squabbling about women. Following him make me feel like I was back in high school looking at angst ridden, passive aggressive AOL Instant Messenger away messages. I actually stopped following him because it got so annoying."

5. Your prediction for Sunday’s game?

"I predicted the Broncos to beat the Chiefs last week and I took a lot of crap for it. Thankfully this week, I think the Chiefs are going to get back on track. The Cards just don’t have a QB and the Chiefs are probably going to cme out with a whole new game plan so Arizona will be flying blind on defense.The Chiefs will come out throwing and finish things off with the run game.Kansas City 38, Arizona 9"

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