Cards Play Uninspired Football, Go Through Motions, Lose 31-13


Kansas City Chiefs 31  Arizona Cardinals 13 and it wasn’t that close.  Hard to spin this loss in anyway.  Simply put, the Kansas City Chiefs are a good football team, the Arizona Cardinals are not.  It’s one thing to have less talent, it’s another to have less resolve.  The Cards lacked both on Sunday.

Not much to explain here other than the Cardinals have a lot of soul searching to do.  They also should start planning for 2011.  That is, if they play in 2011.  Here is a list of what went wrong on Sunday.

  • Bad penalties, including an unsportsmanlike penalty on Derek Anderson.
  • Early Doucet got hurt and left the game early.  DA left receivers hanging in the air all day long.
  • The Cards defense played lifeless, especially in the second half.  They gave up on plays, most evident in the secondary.
  • They gave up 159 yards rushing to the Chiefs.
  • No established running game and even in this blowout, they had the chance to establish the running game in the first half.
  • The Cards were 4-15 on third down.  Enough said.
  • DA has 295 yards passing, but that was very mis-leading.  The last touchdown was KC just saying go ahead and do it.

Really no way to sugar coat this one folks.  The Cards played so uninspired, you have to wonder why?  Coach Ken Whisenhunt does not coach uninspired, although you almost never see him yelling or getting emotional on the sidelines.  That’s just the way he is, always had been.  I have to wonder though, maybe should that chance with this group of players?

The Cardinals aren’t going to win another game this season playing like they did on Sunday.  The Niners are a better team and I never thought I would be able to say that this season the way the first few weeks went.  Don’t give up being a fan, but I sure would like to hear why the Cards feel it is ok to give up on themselves.  Hopefully we will get some answers soon.