Bing Tailgaiting Event at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday


The following is a media release regarding the huge Bing Tailgaiting event this Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium at 11:30 in the parking lot prior to Arizona Cardinals-St. Louis Rams game.

Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating, and Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft, have teamed up to host the first National Tailgating Championship!

This week, Bing will host a regional competition at Phoenix’s University of Phoenix Stadium before the Cardinals/Rams game, competing with the recent Houston, NY and Denver regional competitions (photos available upon request). With the Bing National Tailgating Championship, tailgaters from around the country will have the opportunity to compete for the first-ever title of “America’s #1 Tailgater.” In addition, this competition gives fans the chance to prove that Arizona is worthy of being titled one of the country’s “tailgating capitals.”

WHO: Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating; Bing; Seth Joyner, former Arizona Cardinals linebacker and one of the event’s judges (addition al judges TBA)

WHAT: The Bing National Tailgating Championship – Regional Competition

Joe the Commish is available for in-studio interviews on Friday, 12/3 and Saturday 12/4.  Crews are also welcome to shoot the event at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, 12/5 beginning at 11:30am.

WHY: Tailgating is beyond just cooking a few hot dogs in the parking lot before the game. It’s a weekly ritual where fans set up shop in the parking lot hours before game time to showcase their grilling talents, have a party and colorfully support their team. It’s because of this passion and the social nature of tailgating that the Bing National Tailgating Championship was established.

Broll available here to give you an idea of the visuals and scale of the event.

WHEN: Sunday, December 5th, 11:30am

WHERE: University of Phoenix Stadium

Background on Joe Cahn

Joe Cahn is the world’s only professional tailgater. Now in his fifteenth season on the road, he has driven his RV, known as the “Joe Mobile,” over 800,000 miles, visited all 31 pro football stadiums and over 120 colleges, seen thousands of fans and over 650 games. Prior to his job as the Commish, Joe founded the New Orleans School of Cooking, which he sold in 1996. Joe has also hosted a show called “Tailgate Takedown” on TLC.

Background on the Championship

The competition is a nationwide search for the best tailgaters from around the country. Championship consists of six regional competitions on game day at pro football stadiums around the country including Houston, Denver, New York, Phoenix, New Orleans and Seattle. The winning team from each regional competition will earn the chance to compete for the national championship in Dallas during the biggest week in football in February. For more information, visit