Quarterback Announcement Coming Friday


The big announcement on Friday we’ve all been waiting for, who will be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday against the Denver Broncos?  I am sure most of you have been waiting for this announcement like you wait for a meteor to hit the Earth, just get it over with and kill me now.  Ok maybe not that bad.

The Cards have the option to start John Skelton or Derek Anderson.  That’s like choosing between the option of a year in jail with a furlough option or six months in jail without one.  Both options suck, but you have to make a deal with one just to get through.  Yippee.

Of course they could always start newly acquired Richard Bartel, which is as about as appetizing as that fruit cake you are about to get for Christmas.  Hey, it’s all fun and games now, right?  If the Cards decide on Bartel, they might as well start offering refunds as well.  I’m pretty sure they won’t go with this option though, so we’re good.

Whoever it is, it’s going to be another tough climb to victory for the Cards despite the trouble the Broncos are going through.  At least they have a real quarterback…haha, ok, not really, but you catch my drift.