Cardinals Finally Find End Zone


Well, the Arizona Cardinals, who have been having a lot of trouble finding the end zone this season, found another new way to score – fake field goal run by kicker Jay Feely.  I don’t care how it happened, was finally nice to see a good play call.  At halftime, the Denver Broncos are trailing the Cards 16-3.

The play calling has been baffling once again today.  I don’t get running three yard routes on 3rd and 8.  You won’t win any games at any level playing that way.  Part of the issue has been the quarterback play of John Skelton, the rookie making his first career start.  Now, not all of it is on him.  His teammates have to help as well.  Larry Fitzgerald didn’t help much with a fumble early on.  The Cardinals defense though has kept the Cards in this game with four takeaways in the first half.

Skelton is playing like a rookie, but honestly hasn’t been any worse than Derek Anderson.  We’ll see what they come out with here in the second half.  Cards just need to manage the game at this point.  They need a heavy dose of Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells but they also need to call plays for Skelton that he can make.  Let’s see what happens.