Rookie Quarterback Showdown


Two teams.  Two starting rookie quarterbacks.  Their names?  Jimmy Clausen and John Skelton.  When the Arizona Cardinals meet the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, the two will hook up in what should be a classic matchup.  Classic dud is more like it.

The Panthers had higher expectations of Clausen when he was drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft.  Skelton was a virtual unknown when he was drafted.  Well, at least unknown in this part of the world.  After watching each perform so far, Clausen sure has the experience, but Skelton may be the better bet.

Skelton will only be starting his second game and this one is on the road.  Rookie Max Hall found the same fate after his first start at home and won 30-20 over the New Orleans Saints.  Hall got shelled in his next start in Seattle.  You can thanks the crowd in Seattle for some of that.  The only crowd Skelton should find on Sunday in Carolina is a couple of defensive linemen meeting at his pocket location for a sack, or so I hear.

I can pretty much expect not many to be tuned into this one except for the die hards and even then, they may be watching Sunday Ticket or RedZone at home or just baking Christmas cookies instead.  I’ll tune in, but even I probably won;t be glued to the television.  In fact, I know I won’t.  I’ll be driving back to town from a two night stay out of town.  I just hope nothing I hear causes me to drive off the road, like the Cards have inserted Richard Bartel behind center.