NFC West Still Open For All Takers


Believe it or not, and you probably wouldn't by looking at the standings, but all four NFC West teams still have a shot at winning the division, even your Arizona Cardinals.  Realistically, it will come down to the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, but don't count out the San Francisco 49'ers just yet, a team once left for dead.

St. Louis - Kansas City, San Francisco, @ Seattle

Prognosis:  Excellent chance to win the division and it would be a great story for the Rams and rookie Sam Bradford.  Kansas City will be tough, but at home.  St. Louis has lost to the Niners and defeated the Seahawks, so it is still up in the air.

Seattle - Atlanta, @ Tampa Bay, St. Louis

Prognosis: Ball is in their court with two home games, but defeating Atlanta at home and winning at Tampa will be tall tasks.  They probably lose at least two of three.

San Francisco - @ San Diego, @ St. Louis, Arizona

Prognosis:  Not good.  Facing probable losses in San Diego and St. Louis.  Arizona will be tough if there is something on the line.

Arizona - @Carolina, Dallas, @ San Francisco

Prognosis:  On life support.  Almost dead.  Easiest schedule left, but they really should have defeated Seattle and St. Louis to have any realistic chance, yet here we still sit with some kind of life.  Wait till next year Cards fans.