Christmas Night Game Could be Last National Cards Broadcast for Awhile


After their 2008 playoff Super Bowl run, the Arizona Cardinals were a hot national television item.  They found themselves on NBC Sunday Night Football three times during the regular season in addition to an ESPN Monday Night Football game.  This season they were on Monday Night Football once and will be on the NFL Network this Saturday, Christmas day.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

The Cards appearance against the Dallas Cowboys is most likely going to be the last national television broadcast for a couple of seasons.  The Cards will need to strike it big in the free agent market or the 2011 NFL Draft to be considered for a national broadcast next season.    It's a shame too.  The Cards would have normally had several opportunities to make it to the big stage next season.  They are slated to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and the entire NFC East.

Not that many people outside of Arizona wants to watch these Cards anyways.  It's debated if even the Arizona fans can watch much more of the debacle that took place this season.  Watching the World Series of Poker is more interesting.  Now there you can find some winning cards.

Maybe this is what the Cards need.  Take some time out of the spotlight.  Maybe the expectations were too high for even these Kurt Warner-less Cards.  Not exactly a time to rebuild, but to retool.  You don't even want to retool in front of millions.  It doesn't always turn out so nice as we are finding out.  Just have a decent, winning season in 2011 and they national broadcast Gods will be coming a calling once again.  Just win baby!