Doucet Makes Another Early Exit


Early Doucet is done for the season before it ends, again.  After a rough rookie season and finally getting on track last season, 2010 has been an up but mostly down year for the Arizona Cardinals receiver.

Doucet has been pretty much a disappointment since arriving on the scene in 2010.  He spent more time injured and inactive of his rookie season 2008.  Last season, he emerged as a strong number four guy who started looking like a solid three receiver late in the season.  When Anquan Boldin left, many thought Doucet was ready to be the number three.

Dropped passes also were easy to come by this season.  Of course it also helps to have a good quarterback, but Doucet can't use that as an excuse in his third season.  The question is, how much longer do the Cardinals keep Doucet?  At what point does he become more of a liability than an asset?  I don't think he is done with the Cards yet, but with the uncertain future status of Larry Fitzgerald, it would be good to know finally what the Cards have in Doucet because even this late into his career, I'm not sure we completely know yet.