Cardinals End Dismal Season With Beating from Niners


One might argue the Arizona Cardinals season ended a week ago after defeating the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas night.  Why?  Well, because the Cards forgot to get on the plane and go play the San Francisco 49’ers.  At least judging by the final score of 38-7, it sure seemed that way.

There were so many things that went wrong or just plain never went for the Cards on Sunday, I might as well call this article in and not waste the time.  The Cards decided not to waste our time by never really being in today’s game.  I’m sure there were many Cards fans who turned their television sets elsewhere, especially in the second half.

The offense couldn’t move the ball and the Cards defense made the Niners’ Alex Smith look like a regular NFL quarterback.  Cards quarterback John Skelton was running for his life on every snap it seemed.  He did find Cards receiver Larry Fitzgerald for a touchdown late in the first half, but that was all the Cards could muster on the scoreboard all day.  Things got so bad, the Cards eventually turned to their fourth quarterback of the season, Richard Bartel.  Bartel had some nice throws, but like the others, graced us with horrible ones too, like the 62-yard pick six, which led to the Niners final score.

So, the Cards have a lot to work on in the offseason.  The players are all off on their vacations while the fans are left to wonder what will it take to improve this 5-11 team, a team lucky to have found five wins this season.  For now though, they get to stew on the last place finish after a 3-2 start and an 0-5 Niners start that saw them finish ahead of the Cards in the standings and a 6-10 record.