Cardinals Loss Secures Fifth Spot in 2011 NFL Draft


By losing to the San Francisco 49'ers on Sunday, the  Arizona Cardinals secured the fifth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  The Niners get the sixth pick.  At least if anything else, with both teams possibly looking for quarterbacks in the draft, the Cards will get to pick theirs ahead of the Niners.  That's something, right?

Of course there is no guarantee either team will take a quarterback in the draft if they find gold in the free-agent market or via a trade prior to the draft.  In this league, anything can happen.  Of course, we all have to hope all of this will take place as scheduled with the rumored lockout in March.

So if the Cards do look quarterback, who do they take?  Andrew Luck may not leave Stanford.  Cam Newton?  Doubtful.  Jake Locker?  Even more doubtful.  Ryan Mallet?  A possibility if he is still available.  You also have to find someone that is NFL ready because if you find a top rated quarterback, he's playing and soon.