Quarterback is a Must With First Round Pick


So, you want Andrew Luck huh? Good luck I say. Not happening. The Arizona Cardinals should draft a quarterback with the fifth pick in the draft, but who should it be?  If last night's performance in the Orange Bowl didn't convince you, I can't help you any further.  Should he come out, Luck should be the number one pick and most likely going to the Carolina Panthers, who I would have a hard time seeing trading out of the spot.

There are man many mock drafts out there.  I was told there is one suggesting the Cards are going after a DT with the first round pick.  I can tell you not even the Cards can mess that up.  No way are they going DT with the number five pick.  If the Cards haven't already picked up a veteran quarterback by the time the draft comes around, then quarterback is the only choice.  Anything else the Cards do after that point is useless if they fail to draft a QB in the first round.

So who should the Cards take?  That's the million dollar question.  They need someone who isn't a 3-4 year project but it is ok to find someone who can be a year or two away at most if being mentored by a proven veteran.  The Cards tried the project route last off-season.  We all know how the movie ended, although expect John Skelton to be part of this team in 2011, either as the number two or three guy depending on how things play out.

If they wait until later rounds to pick up a quarterback (this would be because they were able to secure a proven veteran quarterback via trade or free agency), then there are a couple of quarterbacks I like.  I like Andy Dalton from TCU and Colin Kaepernick from Nevada.  We'll see what happens.  Much more on this as time progresses.