Cardinals Rumored to be Talking About Extending Fitzgerald


This may be the best rumor you hear all off season, no matter what happens between now and September when the 2011 season starts.  Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald's contract is up after next season and the talk all season was if the Cards didn't extend his contract, he may be looking elsewhere to play beyond 2011.  He may not have to look further than right here at home.

Fitzgerald signed his last extension in 2008.  The Cards knew this issue was going to be a hot one so why not get going on it now and I couldn't agree more.  Not only would this put the worries about Fitz leaving Arizona to bed, it would also show whatever quarterback the Cards get, that he will have Fitz to throw to.  For Fitz to be able to remain they were going to have to show they were serious about upgrading the quarterback position.  It sounds like they have convinced him that they will.

Of course, the question will be how much the Cards will throw at Fitz in order to keep him here, but my guess is the Cards will be willing to do just about anything.  On the last extension, the Cards knew they would probably upset Anquan Boldin, and they did.  They knew giving Fitz the money probably meant the loss of Boldin, so the Cards have proven in the past they are willing to make sacrifices to keep Fitz in the fold.  Now, they will have to do it again.