Hopefully Cards 2010 Game Video on Vandenberg Rocket


Almost three weeks since the Arizona Cardinals season ended and I still sit here waiting for the Cardinals to make a move on their defensive coordinator position.  Word is they may be waiting on the Pittsburgh Steelers season to end in order to interview Kevin Butler.  That may never happen.  If it doesn't I sure hope they at least put all of that game video from 2010 on the rocket that launched today from Vandenberg Air Force Base because if the Cards don't land Butler or someone else from the Steelers defensive staff, they might as well just call you or I to coach.  All the big names out there are going fast.  Someone with less experience probably goes back to the game video in 2010 to review what needs to be changed.  A more experienced coach will know to just burn the video and start over.

The Cards, as far as we know, have interviewed just one candidate for the open position.  Others they've been interested in have skipped them for interviews with other teams.  Some of them, like Rob Ryan, bypassed Arizona, went to Dallas and was hired.  At least Greg Manusky came to Arizona for an interview.  Of course, Phoenix is an easy stop on the way to San Diego, where he ended up.  It was more of a courtesy visit more than anything else it would see.

Personally, I want the Cards to get the right man, no doubt.  However with all the vacancies around the NFL, the top guys are being taken fast.  Clearly if the Cards can't get any interviews at least from the Steelers staff, next season's defense could end up being the same or worse.  2010 was bad enough, imagine a 2011 Cards defense being worse?  Ughh.