Cardinals Players Ready to Participate in Pro Bowl


One day before the annual Pro Bowl is to take place and I am still not that excited to watch it.  I suppose I will tune in for a little while for the lack of any other football to watch.  I guess I must savor it seeing as it all ends next week in Dallas at the Super Bowl.  We might be down to the last two games in the NFL for quite some time.  I hope that is not the case.

So, back to the game, which moves back to Hawaii after a one-year stint in Miami.  Who are you most excited to see perform tomorrow or do you even care?  I would be interested to get your take on it.  Just for the sake of charity, I would like to see Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald get a couple of touchdowns for the Glendale United Way.  That would be cool.

I don't think Darnell Dockett or Adrian Wilson are the most deserving players at their respective positions to be there, but it is what it is and I like them both, so I hope they both play great and get some good playing time.  You know how these things go though, some guys play 10 seconds and some 10 minutes and some three quarters.  We'll see.