Playing the Quarterback Field


With the rest of the entire NFL about to join the off-season the Arizona Cardinals have been enjoying for a month now after next weeks Super Bowl, the Cards are going to have to get serious about deciding what they are going to do with their future, more specifically their quarterback future.

Of course a new CBA needs to be signed before any moves are to be made, however some names have surfaced over the past couple of weeks both with free agency and trade possibilities.

1. Marc Bulger - I am not terrifically excited about this prospect, however, he is a veteran that does have the blessing of Kurt Warner.  He spent 2010 being a backup to Joe Flacco in Baltimore.  I will say this, he is better than what we threw out on the field in 2010.

2. Kevin Kolb - He is the most exciting prospect for me, however word is he may end up costing too much to go after, at least if you ask ESPN's John Clayton.  I still think if the Cards wanted him bad enough, they could make any trade work.  At what cost though do you go after someone like Kolb?

3. Donovan McNabb - He is a veteran who knows the game well.  Not necessarily the best fit for the Cardinalsm but as I said with Bulger, it is better than what we had last season.

The best of the NFL draft class seems to be Cam Newton from Auburn, Colin Kaepernick from Nevada, Ryan Mallett from Arkansas, and Blaine Gabbert from Missouri.  Kaepernick apparently had a great Senior Bowl and looks like a keeper for whoever takes a chance on him.