Super Bowl Sunday, Even for the Arizona Cardinals


The annual commercial television event, the NFL Super Bowl. Today's match up will end a long, very long season and quite possibly may be the last NFL game we see for awhile.  Let's hope not.  Tonight's game will feature the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  If I had bet on this one, I would not bet against the Steelers.  However, this is a Super Bowl Sunday even for the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL as well.  It will be time to put every official event of the 2010 season behind us and officially work towards 2011.

We all know how long the Cards season was.  Yeah, on the schedule it was 16 games like everyone else, however, those 16 games seemed like 48 the way they played for most of the season.  After tonight's game has concluded though, we can finally put the 2010 season to rest and hopefully forget, from a Cards standpoint, everything that happened.

The Cards are especially thankful for the Super Bowl coming and going after today because that means they can go interview half of the Steelers defensive staff to become a defensive coordinator for the Cards.  Don't expect the decision to take too long once the interviews have ended.  I would expect Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt to make a call to Pittsburgh no later than Tuesday to get the ball rolling.

We'll see what happens, but I imagine the Cards will be in the news this week, finally making some news for the 2011 season rather than the horrendous 2010 season that just was.  Oh and one more thing, Pittsburgh 28 Green Bay 27.  Good bye 2010!