Horton Hears Who’s Calling


Ray Horton, welcome to the NFC.  As you all know by now, the Arizona Cardinals hired Horton of the Pittsburgh Steelers for their defensive coordinator position.  It is a good pick up for the Cards, but is it the best choice?

A few weeks ago the Cards interviewed Todd Bowles from the Miami Dolphins and for a minute at least, it seemed he was the guy.  Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt seemed high on him.  However, he was not a Pittsburgh Steeler.

He could have interview Keith Butler from the Steelers, however the Steelers reportedly would not let the Cards interview him.  All I can imagine though is no matter who was hired, he was coming from the Steelers.  If coach Whisenhunt wanted to hire God, but he was a New York Jet, he probably would have passed on him too.

So, back to Horton, he heard the calling of the Arizona Cardinals, flew west for an interview even though it was already being reported before the interview he was most likely the guy, and was hired for the job.  From all accounts, it sounds like the decision was made before the interview even took place.

He comes highly regarded, so for now I give him every shot at succeeding,  Let’s just hope the Cards did  their research and we don’t find out this guy is wanted in six states or had a domestic dispute that was never reported.  Seriously though, Horton sounds like a winner, comes from a winner, so he’d better make the Cards defense a winner and now.