Debate On Who the Cardinals Should Take With First Round Pick


It almost seemed like a forgone conclusion a month, two months ago that the Arizona Cardinals were going to take a quarterback with the number five pick in the draft.  Now, it seems everyone wants to be the expert and say the Cards will actually go in a different direction in the draft early on.  That may be so, it all depends how the rest of the roster moves take place before hand.

There were all kinds of quarterback names being thrown around as soon as the season ended.  Now on most mock drafts, you can only find Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton going in the first round.  What happened to Ryan MallettJack Locker?  Hard to say, but their stock has seemed to fall a bit since January.

Now there is much talk that the Cards will go with OLB Von Miller.  Of course that may still happen, however, pardon the pun, it will depend on how the cards fall.  I'm still not convinced they will do anything but draft a quarterback with the first round pick, even if they do pick up a free agent or trade for someone.  The only quarterback I could see changing a draft direction would be Kevin Kolb.  If they pick him up, I see no reason to go quarterback with the five pick. What do you think?