Speculation Abound on Cards Draft Choice


It's all the talk right now with the Arizona Cardinals. Who are they taking in the first round at number five. The other day I mentioned I still thought they would go quarterback. There are sources out there now who think otherwise. I still say all depends on the free-agent market or a trade, which all depends on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place.

Do they go with a LB, QB, or maybe a corner?  There are many needs and some are greater than others.  OL also needs help.  We know what the priorities are but the burning need for a QB may come and go as number five goes by only because of who may be available at the time and what else may be in the works.

It is still all a guessing game and even the best of experts don't know what will happen come draft day.  Many have been wrong before and many will be wrong again.  The Cards may not even know yet which way they are going, so I don't know how anyone really "knows" at this point.  What do you think?